Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Catching Up

Seems that we are always running late. We hope you'll forgive us and enjoy these photos that will bring you up to speed on the goings-on on at the Historical Society.

Our Seventh Annual Airing of the Quilts was a resounding success. With visitors from Oregon, Main, Texas, Indiana, Ohio and beyond, we delighted in showing the artistry of area quilters in the beautiful Sen. Ed Wilkinson Pavilion at Bell Park. Here's the Viewer's Choice award winner by Letha Wilson.
Greenwood residents greeted visitors with their quilts.

Meanwhile, back at the Museum, vintage quilts were on display.
Visitors to the show traveled afterwards to the Museum to view the vintage quilts, see Miss Ada's sewing on the treadle machine and listen to Mountain Dulcimers play.

This week's regular monthly meeting featured historian Chuck Girard speaking on "Bonnie and Clyde in Fort Smith" and we were joined for pictures by our own Bonnie and Clyde wannabes.

And that's what's been happening around the Historical Society. Plan to join us for our July 18 meeting at 7 PM at Farmer's Bank in Greenwood, Arkansas. We'd love to meet you.

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Meet the Ladies of the Airing of the Quilts

As our May 6 and 7 quilt show inches closer, our volunteers are b-u-s-y! Today we feature four volunteers who are key to the show's success.

Emily (left) is our museum curator. She collects all the vintage quilts for the displays at the Old Jail Museum properties and prepares the museum for the season's opening- both of which happen on the same day! Obviously, she's a bundle of energy and enthusiasm. Emily especially enjoys the educational aspects of the museum and the quilt show. Nancy, pouring tea, is a busy organizer and helper in our quilt show tea room. She is the artist behind our beautiful Tea Room sign and her husband is our elegant maitre'd. Sue, in pink, on the right, is the namesake, inspiration, heart and hands behind our "Miss Sue's Tea Room." Sue is a legendary cook and hostess. She adds her personal touch and artist's eye to every project she undertakes and the tea room is no exception. Her Old South Chicken Salad, field greens with seasonal fruit and homemade poppyseed dressing are favorites and you can enjoy them and a signature dessert during the show.

And here's our Ruth. No, she's not a race car driver, but we couldn't resist posing her beside newscaster Garrett Lewis's sweet ride. It reflects Ruth's zest for living. Ruth handles much of the business end of the quilt show program, gathering information from our advertisers. She's a past president of the historical society, retired teacher and long time school board member.

You're apt to see these folks at the Airing of the Quilts. We hope you'll take a minute to introduce yourselves. See you at the show!

 May 6 and 7, 9AM-5PM, 1050 Bell Park Road, Greenwood, Arkansas. Tickets $5 at the door. Lunch served 10:30AM-2 PM.

Monday, February 29, 2016

Airing of the Quilts: Many Hands Make Light Work

Our 2016 raffle quilt is gorgeous! Reproduction Civil War fabric in rich colors. It's shown here with South Sebastian County Historical Society curator, Emily and president, Meryl. These gals play a big role in the "Airing of the Quilts, "  May 6 and 7 at Greenwood's Bell Park.

Meryl, owner of The Warehouse Gifts and More and a busy grandmother,  keeps our planning on track and organizes the silent auction. Emily's primary role with the show is to prepare the exhibit of vintage quilts that will be on display at Greenwood's Old Jail Museum during the quilt show. She's also preparing the 2016 exhibits in the museum and has arranged the blacksmith demonstration and their sale of hand wrought iron creations. Emily meets herself coming and going!

Here's Donna (above) who manages our media and takes care of publicity. She's the vice president of the Historical Society. She's shown with last year's raffle quilt.

The quilt's creator, Debbie, is pictured below. She helps check in quilts and is our all-round go-to-girl. Always ready to lend a hand and goes the extra mile. Debbie also organizes our international exchange student servers for Miss Sue's Tea Room. Right now Debbie is finishing three quilts of her own!

Find us on Facebook at GreenwoodQuilts!

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Helping Hands at the "Airing of the Quilts"

The Seventh Annual "Airing of the Quilts" is right around the corner-- May 6 and 7, to be exact. We thought you might like to meet the people behind the scenes. We'll begin at the beginning- with our wonderful sponsors, ESA. ESA (Epsilon Sigma Alpha) is an international service organization and the backbone of the quilt show. We have been blessed to have the ladies of the Alpha Delta Chapter as our quilt show sponsors. They work hard behind the scenes to get show entries and plan special exhibits. We'd be lost without them!

Pictured on the far left (above) is Kay Voss. Kay is a member of ESA and owner of Mama's Log House Quilt Shop. She is the guru of all things "quilt" and the organizer for many years of a large quilt show in Fort Smith. In the center is Joyce Cormack, ESA member. Joyce produces beautiful quilts in her own right and assists with advertising for the show's program. Also pictured is Donna Goldstein, Historical Society member.

ESA member Ann Akins (far right, above) is the treasurer for the Quilt Show. She distributes flyers and advertising promotional materials far and wide. They are pictured at one of our early shows, preparing a display of miniature quilts. Also pictures is quilter Leatha Wilson (left). Not pictured are members Kay Gregory, Becky Rainwater, Joie Jeffords, Cookie Sadler and Ginny Hales.

Proceeds from the Airing of the Quilts benefit the South Sebastian County Historical Society. The Society is thankful to ESA for their support of our organization and our efforts to preserve the history of South Sebastian County. Quilts and History belong together!

Thursday, October 15, 2015

The Value of Volunteerism

“I have seen Americans making great and sincere sacrifices for the key common good and a hundred times I have noticed that, when needs be, they almost always gave each other faithful support.”
—Alexis de Tocqueville, 1835

In America's early history, helping each other was necessary for survival. Colonists helped each other gather and preserve crops, build and maintain structures and develop roads for transport. We can recall examples from our own counties recent rural past when neighbor helped neighbor to bring in the crops, raise a barn, dig a well, replace a burned out homestead, dig a stump, shear sheep, string a fence or work cattle. Women helped each other can the season's harvest and make soap. Perhaps the most familiar example of women helping women was the quilting bee. 

Volunteerism continues today. We see it in political campaigns, blood drives, Boy and Girl Scout leadership, church activities and in efforts to promote and preserve local history. Today we celebrate some of our South Sebastian County Historical Society volunteers. They enable us to keep our museum doors open, assist us in repair and maintenance, loan display materials, maintain our grounds, present educational programs, prepare refreshments, decorate our historic buildings for holidays and special events and so much more. 

When you see an SSCHS volunteer, please take a minute to express your thanks! 

We picture just a few of the many, many volunteers who share their gifts with us throughout the year. We thank you all.

Our officers, who do double duty as re-enactors

Our vice president, presenters and past president
Those who assist with special projects

Those who prepare our Christmas banquet

Those who brave the cold weather to present exciting activities for our community's children
Those who beautify our grounds
Those who make history come alive

Those who are willing to respond to the call when assistance is needed, no matter what form it takes
Those who share their special talents
Those who brave the Fourth of July heat to man the history trolley
The volunteer coordinator whose job is never-ending

The men who erect the racks for our annual quilt show

The sorority who sponsors our annual fund raiser, "The Airing of the Quilts"
Those with dedication and persistence and the will to succeed

Our founding families

The many musicians who volunteer their talents

Those who work behind the scenes to make the quilt show a success

Those who are always willing to go the extra mile
Those who are there, rain or shine

Those who inspire us

Those who remind us of our values and heritage
Those who bring us joy

Monday, October 5, 2015

Stitching Together a Story of the Civil War

The Whittington family, early settlers of Missouri
Typical Civil War era dress styles worn by four generations of American women

We are busy with last minute preparations for our Fifth Annual Buried Treasure event, hosted this year at Greenwood's Mt. Harmony Cemetery October 11 at 2 PM. Our historical re-enactors make a big commitment when they sign on for this event. They research the individual they'll portray, find props and costumes and immerse themselves in the history of the period in which their character lived. Many go a step further and create their own authentic costumes.
Such is the case with our Barbara Jacobson. Barbara joins us from a city in a neighboring county. She brings with her extensive experience as a Civil War re-enactor and meticulous attention to detail. Barbara, an accomplished seamstress, is sewing her own authentic 1850s costume. She will be portraying Ann Marie Hannah Morris, a Civil War era wife, mother and sister, buried in the cemetery. She'll share the touching and inspiring story of her life on a nearby farm and the tragic loss of several family members to the atrocities of the war.

Ann Marie Hannah Morris

Monday, September 14, 2015

Dressed to Impress

Re-Enactor Mike Gibbs with Park Ranger Cody Faber.

 Some people shop at the mall. But, when you're looking for authentic Civil War wear it pays to shop with a national park ranger like Fort Smith's Cody Faber. Cody assisted historical re-enactors for the South Sebastian County Historical Society's Buried Treasure Graveside Tales choose appropriate costumes and gear for their October 11, 2015 event.

Bugler Andrew Morgan tries on a uniform. Perfect fit!
Andrew will play Taps at the graveside of Civil War veteran Andrew Hannah. Buried Treasure is celebrating its fifth annual production, this year at Greenwood's Mt. Harmony Cemetery, SUnday, October 11, 2 PM. From Fort Smith, from Highway 71 South, exit left (east) at Greenwood's 10 Spur. Follow 10 (Center Street) through Greenwood. Turn right (south) at the traffic light at Mt. Harmony Road. Follow Mt. Harmony Road 3.2 miles to Mt Harmony Baptist Church and Cemetery. Watch for the black and white signs. For more information, call the Greenwood Chamber of Commerce at 479-996-6357.
In the event of rain, Buried Treasure will be moved into the adjacent Mt. Harmony Baptist Church.