Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Blackstock Donates Vineyard Items to SSCHS

Vineyard descendant Sandra Blackstock has donated four chairs, original to the turn of the century era of the Vineyard Log Cabin, to the SSCHS for display in the cabin. Thes chairs were made by Wilson Lumpkin Davis for his daughter, Mattie Emily Davis, as a wedding present. Mattie married William Andrew Vineyard on July 29, 1882. The family lived in Witcherville, Arkansas, Cartersville, Oklahoma and a short time in Texas before returning to Arkansas in 1904 to reside in the Vineyard Cabin.

Blackstock also contributed andirons crafted by Wilson Lumpkin Davis for the cabin, a wool card, and wooden butter mold owned and used by the family.

Many thanks to Sandra for her generosity. The chairs look "at home" around the cabin's kitchen table.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Family Fun at Fall Fest

Blustery weather didn't stop folks from coming out Saturday for the seventh annual Fall Fest at Bell Park. Thanks to everyone who helped and everyone who visited the SSCHS booth in the Wilkinson Pavilion. Special thanks to member Charles Efurd for sharing the story of Bell Park's treasure hunter Charlie McNabb.