Saturday, September 28, 2013

Geocachers to Visit Coal Miner's Memorial

Geocaching is a world wide scavenger hunt. Geocachers Sue and Ken Hayes of Russellville have made Greenwood's Coal Miner's Memorial part of the fun.

They have developed an Earthcache, an educational cache that teaches the visitors about the geology of the area, at the Coal Miner's Memorial. Cachers will look at a website, stop and look at the plaques, coal car, and granite memorial walls while answering some questions, which they email to the owners of the cache, to help them understand the geology of the state and region. The Geocache page teaches the cachers how and when coal was mined in the county, the fact that coal is a organic sedimentary rock while the granite walls are igneous rock, what coal is used for in industry, how coal develops, and more.

Visit the geocaching page at
to learn more.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Mary Jane Yadon Condren, A Civil War Patriot

Mary Jane Yadon Condren lies at rest in Jenny Lind Cemetery, but her story is not forgotten. Mary Jane, wife of a Confederate soldier, lived alongside the military road, then known as the Waldron Road, that saw many a soldier and bushwhacker pass by on their way to and from conflicts. Mary Jane, in the absence of her husband, raised and fed her family, ran the farm and lived to share the tales of life along that military road during the War Between the States. She will be portrayed by Tanya Smith, pictured below, at the 2013 Buried Treasure tales of the crypt event. Seven other individuals will be memorialized, including: columnist and historian Margie Smith, patriarch Bert Garrett Hendrix, blacksmith John Keller, miner Forest Gibbs, postmistress Jessie Gibbs and undertaker Henrie Birnie discussing the tragic deaths of Dr. N. H. Stewart and the Miller family. We hope you'll join us. The event is free, though donations are always appreciated.

2013 Buried Treasure 
Jenny Lind Cemetery
Sunday, October 13
2-5 PM
Tours departing every fifteen minutes
Directions: Highway 71, exit Gate Nine Cut-Off in Jenny Lind
Cemetery is on the left beside the Community Building
For more information, call: 479-996-6357

Special note: Jenny Lind historians will be available in the adjacent Community Building to share historic photos with visitors and discuss Jenny Lind's past. Snacks and the 2013 Key Magazine will be available for purchase.

Mary Jane Yadon Condren

Monday, September 2, 2013

Buried Treasure 2013....Some Real Gems

We are happy to announce that the 2013 Buried Treasure, a tales of the crypt event, will be Sunday, October 13, from 2-5 PM at Jenny Lind Cemetery. Tours will depart from the cemetery gate every 15 minutes. Costumed historical re-enactors will portray seven citizens of Jenny Lind who are laid to rest at the cemetery. This event is free to the public.
Individuals being memorialized include:
- John Keller, blacksmith (portrayed by Bob Turner, a descendant of a blacksmith)
-Margie Smith, columnist and historian (portrayed by granddaughter Heather Gunn 
-Jessie Gibbs, postmistress (portrayed by Mary Ann Gamble who remembers "Miss Jessie" from her childhood))
- Forest Gibbs, coal miner who lost his life in the mines at age 28 (portrayed by coal mining historian and author John Dill)
- Bert Garrett Hendrix (interpreted by State Representative Charlotte Douglas)
-Dr. N. H. Stewart and the Miller Family, victims of a tragedy (interpretted by Doug Kinslow, as undertaker Henrie Birnie)
- Mary Jane Yadon Condren, Civil War patriot (portrayed by Tanya Miller)

Jenny Lind historians will be available in the Community Building at the Cemetery to give tours of the vintage photos housed in the building, to visit with guests and to answer questions about the Jenny Lind Community. Refreshments will be available for sale in the Community Building. Proceeds from the sale of refreshments will benefit the South Sebastian County Historical Society and the Community Building.

Directions: From Highway 71 in Jenny Lind, turn east onto Gate Nine Cutoff Road. The cemetery is on the left, across from the Masonic Lodge and beside the Community Building, between Highway 71 and Old Highway 71. For more information, call the Greenwood Chamber of Commerece at 479-996-6357. 

Sponsored by the South Sebastian County Historical Society.